Road Trip

Went out of town to see the hot air balloon festival with my friends Aline, Raj, Sheila & Kendell (and driver Kuya Val). Also with my highschool friends Charles, Kenneth, Arianne, Adi, Tinee etc! Woke up around 3 then got picked up around 5, had breakfast at Mcdonald’s while waiting for the others. Traffic & parking was not as bad as I expected! But we were still late so we missed the departure of the hot air balloons! Sucks! But what really sucked was the hot air (see what I did there). We stayed at a tent for almost two hours hiding from the sun haha but thank God boyscout Raj brought umbrellas for everyone, also cold water and food, lots of it. But we still couldn’t take the heat so we headed to Yellow Cab SM Clark for lunch. Bumped into a few bloggers too! Went back to the festival again after and got into the VIP area! Laid on the grass while waiting for the night glow, after a few hours, we saw the hot air balloons all over the field! It was amazing! Then it ended with fireworks! Our playlist for the day was New Lipstick by The Kissaway Trail, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and Up Up and Away by The Fifth Dimension lol. Had the best time! Watch out for the video!

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