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First of all, happy new year! So sorry if I haven’t been blogging lately! But the holiday craze and finals week are over so I’m back to regular programming hehe. Spent my birthday during finals week so I didn’t really get to enjoy it much this year. Plus the holidays just passed so everyone still feels so full from noche buena and media noche haha! Had a simple celebration, here are some photos:

Birthday cake which I shared with my brother who celebrated his the day after my birthday! It actually says ‘happy birthday daddy’ hahaha!

Everything I’m wearing is from FOREVER 21 MEN. Photos taken by Paul Jatayna. That was the day I first laid eyes on Georgina Wilson. Gahhh! Anyway, new clothes at the F21 store in Mega Mall! And gift cards are still available! Check it out guys!

Probably the best gift I got on my birthday — got my shih tzu x beagle pup & named him Maximillian Montgomery! Haha it means "greatest" lol I’ve always wanted a new dog since the death of my last dog Hershey Hernandez haha so thanks parents!!! 

Magazine shoot with the amazing photographer Cyrus Panganiban! He shoots editorials for magazines, etc. His recent work is the Nat Geo x Regatta ads! Cool! And his studio is so high-end! Pegs for the shoot was Teen Vogue & Terry Richardson’s photos. I was super awkward and shy to the point wherein they had to close the curtains so I wouldn’t be too self-conscious hahaha hate myself! But I hope it turns out good!

Stayed in Bel Air for a couple of days to unwind!

Maximillian found a friend!

Japanese lunch at T-Boy!

Yay more cake!

Breakfast in Tagaytay!

Hot chocolate. It was freezing!

My brother trying on my glasses. Hahaha it looks like it’s going to explode!


Looking extra crappy today.

What Ashton wore the whole day! So cute!

Night swimming with Alec! Got awesome shorts from the Nike outlet store! It has a built in brief hahaha! Dad also took me out for shopping and friends was supposed to surprise me in class but I was absent so now they hate me hahahaha but thanks for the gifts! Had fun in Bel Air and Tagaytay! Went back to Manila for finals!

Some photobooth pics from finals week: (1) Doing our Author1 finals from 10am-9pm (2) SDA Cafeteria doing our Webdev2 finals (3) At the computer lab doing our Webdev2 finals again (4) At home blogging lol and got a haircut. Here are some of my works:

3D Bachelor’s loft design for CADVIS1 finals.

3D Wild Wild West set design for 3DANIM2.

3D Pineapple house and Sponge-ybob (without arms haha) for 3DANIM2. This is the one project I’m least proud of lol.

Where I get my inspiration — Sims 3! Took a break from doing my finals & celebrated my birthday on a life-simulation computer game! Spell pathetic! But thanks to everyone who came hahaha!

Made by Elisa Aquino! Thank you so much for wasting papers for me, E! Haha and thanks for the video!

Artwork by Drei Santizo. Thank you so much for this & reading my blog! You definitely got my lips lol. You’re really good!

Thanks Gelo Arucan & Jun-Jun! That’s what I wore to the F21 party right? Haha!

Oh, was featured on the first issue of Stache Magazine! They launched their magazine last December 31. Thank you so much! Check ‘em out! (http://stachemagazineonline.com/)

Thanks to everyone who greeted me personally, via cell, twitter, facebook, tumblr, lookbook, etc!!! You guys are the best! Term breaaaak!

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