Home for the Holidays

Spent the holidays at home with the whole family. Didn’t wanna experience Christmas traffic and crazy shopping in Manila ever again so we prepared everything extra early this year! Here are some photos from our holiday festivities. Merry Christmas! 

We placed happy solo and family pictures of each member in our ~*Christmas tree of memories*~ 'cause we're cheesy like that, lol.

Photo of the kids at a carnival.

Photo from our beach trip and other family shenanigans.

Love hangin’ out at Ayala Triangle! Looks like a scene from Avatar (geek). So cool.

Right on time for the lights show yay!

Family picture!

Mom and dad.

Bro-in-law and sis.

My bro’s family with dad!

Guison fam!

My rebel niece Alec.

The fam with our pretty lola!

We both wore our leather jackets that night! Well she borrowed it from me haha. 

Desserts at Cold Rock Greenbelt!

Ate Chiqui, Alec, Ashton & Ashley in a huge ice cream cup!

Threw a surprise party for my dad’s 60th birthday. We invited the whole family, relatives & his closest friends! My sis hosted the party, I was in charge of the AVP! He was so clueless!

I am so much like my dad. First thing he did after ‘surprising’ him was fix his hair haha!

Daniel Robbie’s into neckties right now. Never had that phase.

Giving my ‘heartfelt’ speech to my dad haha

More Guisons!

With The Grepo family!

1/4 of the Guison clan haha!

Mom’s specialty!

Evening church service before noche buena.

Went to visit our lola (not the lola in this picture lol) for our pre-noche buena dinner. She only lives next door haha!

Gahhhh girl version of me, lol.

Photo op with lola before leaving!

Back home for noche buena!

My beautiful mom!

Cousins Alec, Ashton & Daniel Robbie.

Meet Sophia. She likes touching my hair lol

Ashley’s so cute!

Alec in her winter outfit hahaha

Kisses from Alec xoxoxo lol

Ashley’s shoes.

Time to open our presents!!!

Daniel Robbie unwrapping his presents!

Jackpot!!! lol

Daniel’s so happy hahaha

Mom got me these amazing combat boots as seen in F&H PFW S/S11 designed by Andre Chang! He was the one (together with Carlos Concepcion) who gave me a backstage pass to the show & all of the male models were wearing these boots! So happy I have ‘em! And mom got me two pairs in black & brown! Thanks mom!

Black combat boots with studs & belt and zipper details. 

Gahhh hope I can pull these off haha

Thanks mom! 

Got a Royal Sackli leather laptop bag from Crumpler! I’ve always wanted one but I never have enough money for it, lol. Thanks Mr. Cockrell! 

It fits perfectly haha

The new and crispylicious bills! Lol php20 only.

My sister got these ugly troll dolls. Who does thatttt? Haha but we love it anyway!

Granny panties for you, sis! LOL.

We love getting unnecessary Christmas presents! This is a 3-in-1 breakfast maker, it has a coffee maker, a toaster and a little fry pan on top! 

So excited to fry some eggs tomorrow haha!

Remote control helicopter toy for Ashton! My brother and I had so much fun playing this! Gotta practice more this Christmas break!

What I wore: Olive green (but it looks brown with flash) jacket from Forever 21 Men, black tank top from Walker, taupe pants from Forever 21 Men & combat boots from mom haha. Had to crop my face out cuz I look like I’m about to throw up from overeating lol. Hype this on Lookbook.nu here.

Feel na feel ko hahaha

Troll doll found a new home.

Christmas lights!

More turbo chicken!

Worst family picture in history. I look so sweaty lol (wearing ‘my winter shirt’ from Forever 21 Men!)

Dad, mom, tita & tito!

With cousins Allan, Ryan & Francis!

The girls are happy with the Christmas presents they got!

Ashton’s addicted to Transformers.

Cousins Alec, Sophia & Ashley.

Twins Sophia & Ashley both love Strawberry Shortcake. 

Ashton with his Ironman x Mr. Potato Head toy.

Had an ice cream making contest with the kids! We do it every year haha! And I won! Woohooo our judges were the helpers hahaha! 

My winning entries lol

Another holiday shirt from Forever 21 Men. Save the polar bears!

Best Christmas gift ever, lol. A fan sign from Krissy & Ericka! I’m such a huge fan of these girls ‘cause they are young, pretty and amazing singers! (This is my favorite cover. Watch here). Okay I’m assuming it’s for me ‘cause I tweeted Ericka my name lol. They both follow my blog too! :”> Hope I can have a shoot with them soon!

Movie marathon! Watched Home Alone 1-4! Best Christmas movies ever. Great way to end the day!

P.S. I apologize for this super long & dragging blog entry. Will be MIA in the next few weeks (maybe) ‘cause of family trips, New Year, finals week and my birthday all comin’ up so fast! Hope you guys had an awesome one! Enjoy the holidays! At least what’s left of it. Merry Christmas!

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