Alcatel OneTouch Blaze Glory 918N

Yup, Alcatel is back! Got my Alcatel OneTouch Blaze Glory 918N three weeks ago and I was surprised at how great the phone is considering its price (only php5,999). Not bad! Still getting the hang of it but so far everything’s working great! 

Introducing, The Alcatel OneTouch Blaze Glory 918N! It comes with a charger, a usb cable, earphones plus a free 2GB memory and a screen protector. This phone runs on an Android 2.3 gingerbread OS which makes the android experience more manageable.

One of the things I like about this phone is the dual sim feature! One for school/work and another one personal. Using this phone is a maximized android and mobile experience in one single phone. You get games, music, apps, messages, Facebook and Twitter all at the same package!

Game I’m addicted to right now, Bebbled! Haha it comes with pre-embedded apps for social networking, music and audio, tools, games, and such which you can spice up and personalize all the more with unlimited downloads through the android market!  

I can’t go on a day without checking my emails!  Oh and with its TouchPal Curve feature, you can type by just swiping—lesser touches, more messages. It also enhances your game experience with its G-sensor. Now your phone becomes an instant game controller. 

For its price and specs, the Alcatel OneTouch Blaze Glory 918N is a must-have! Plus it looks pretty badass, right? Here’s the video:

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